Getting to know our volunteers better:

In an attempt to get to know the volunteers better we ask them some silly and some serious questions. This week is the turn of Zack who is there every Monday, and is loved by both children and volunteers alike.

Zack Scott Davidson

Zack assisting a child with  washing hands.

Zack assisting a child with washing hands.

What do you do at the project:
Washing hands, bottle sorting, taking photos
Fav colour:
Has the project changed your life:
yes, it has – the kids are in my heart
Fav book:
Great White and Eminent Grey by Chris Fallows
Fav Movie:
Lots but Airwolf is No 1
How did you get to know about the project:
I work for the Supertubes Surfing Foundation and they have been involved since the beginning
Fav food and drink:
Roast chicken and roast potatoes/ Coffee/ Pizza
Suggestions to make JBRP better:
It is good as it is.
Meeting Michael Schumacher.