Looking at 2017

Highlights of 2017

January: On the first trading day the kids delivered 4,5T. Monica’s designer dresses in stock.
February: Huge group of Ticket to Ride volunteers, plus lots of Norwegian visitors.
March: Clothing sale earned around R3,000. Visitors who hadn’t even see the project donated stock and are collecting more. Food Lovers commit to R2,000’s worth of stock per month.
April: Donation from Montague Dried Fruit. Fundraiser at Tastaveden School (R7,000)
May: 500T celebration with a tree planting by the mayor and celebration cake for the children.
June: Thanks to Victoria’s suggestion, the Bredells donate loads of first aid supplies. New stock item of first aid kits very popular.
July: Start advertising art auction and hackey sacks for Christmas. Promote Plastic Free July.
August: Clothing sale raises another R3,000. Ikhala Trust arrange R20,000 donation.
September: The second annual Art exhibition has a fantastic turnout and raises R20 000. New doors and windows installed thanks to Dept Sport, Art, Cultureand Recreation.
October: Donation from Elder family (Scotland) and shoes from Hotspots2C.
November: Cara’s wedding party volunteer and donate more first aid kits. R150,000 from JBWF

To the Supertubes Surfing Foundation for contributing over 500 man-hours: thank you, we are so proud to be associated with you.

Every last volunteer deserves a special mention. There are too many, but Kerry and the kids from JBay Primary and Dallas from the Island Vibe Language school have formed the foundation of our extra help.

By our last trading day, we will have exceeded 85 tons collected for the year, an average of 220 children over 37 trading days = 8,140 individual visits.
We have had an average of 20 volunteers per trading day, calculated at an average of 4 hours equates nearly 2,200 man-hours our project has received.
This excludes all hours put in by volunteers in organizing fundraisers, knitting, sewing, shopping, writing press releases, completing application forms, collecting and sorting donations, updating spreadsheets, obtaining quotes, calculating finances, organizing more volunteers, holding meetings and keeping minutes, processing photographs, etc.

Future plans:

Continuation of our project in the spirit in which in which it was founded, ensuring legal compliance with government departments, communication with supporters, donors and cooperation with fellow NPO’s and local government.

And Finally

Thank you for your support during 2017, all the volunteers, donations, knitters and everybody sending good will from all over the world. Have a wonderful festive season.