2018 – The year to volunteer

Happy Volunteers

This year we want to focus on giving more people the opportunity to volunteer at the project. Besides the fact that we always need volunteers, we find that the volunteers gain much from the interaction with the children and being part of the empowerment of the community through recycling.

We would like to invite local businesses to send a staff member or two to volunteer for and hour or more on a Monday afternoon. We would also like to invite the local schools to send children to volunteer. Mrs Kerry Smith of JBay Primary school brings a group of students from the Caring Kids Club to volunteer each Monday and the children love coming. It would lovely to see other schools also participating.

The JBRP would like to thank all of our regular volunteers that do so much on a Monday and also behind the scenes. A few new volunteers are welcomed with open arms. Michelle and Henry Dillon have been coming every Monday, The Aleph Surf Foundation are sending volunteers, and also thank you to the Supertubes Surfing Foundation for sponsoring four of their staff members to help on a Monday.

General News

  • We have recently experienced a manpower challenge with very large bags of recyclables being being


    delivered, so to save time and assist more kids, we are now requiring those very big bags (mostly assisted by parents) to be pre-sorted into 3 types of plastic. We have made posters to visually assist with the sorting.
  • We are now stocking fresh vegetables such as spinach which we buy from the Vlakteplaas Quarry School Veg Garden, and so far it has sold out every Monday.
  • As always at the beginning of the year the children have been “buying” school clothes and shoes. Thank you so much to the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm for the donation making the purchase of school clothing possible.
  • A Happy Spinach buyer

  • Thank you to the The Stretch Foundation, a South African based Non-Profit Operating Foundation which supports the education and well-being of South Africans for identifying the JBRP as making a difference in the community and for their financial support.