Wow,  we will have recycled over 81.7 tonnes in total over 31 trading days this year. We will have received over 5,000 individual visits by 2,400 children of whom 380 were first-time visitors. Volunteers will have donated well over 1,200 hours on site, excluding all the behind-the-scenes work.

The total weight of recycling since January 2011 is now 890 tonnes!

Preparations are underway to make the last day very special for all the children.  Each participant will receive a hamper filled with food and treats, plus a donated pre-loved but still very loveable gift from Jeffreys Bay Primary School.  Additionally, our top 200 "earners" of the year will receive their chosen gift, generously donated by members of the public thanks to the wonderful team at Fountains Mall.

Looking back at the year, we have an extremely long list of people to thank.  To every pair of eyes that saw what was needed, every heart that opened in generosity, every pair of hands that reached out – these actions made a huge difference to every single child who benefited and their families.

Sadly, it seems difficult to get motivated to care about those outside our direct circle of family and friends.  Everyone is struggling on some level, whether emotionally, physically or financially, making it hard to see past one's own issues.  It's heart-warming to see how our volunteers forget about their own problems on Mondays, week after week showing up and giving their time, effort, and love to help the children turn trash into treasure.  Only volunteers understand how our own outlook on life is improved by these simple actions.

It’s a long list and we apologise if we have forgotten anyone, but we would like to thank…

ADT: Roy and the team go out of their way to ensure the safety of the children and volunteers.

Alison: After serving as chairperson for a decade, we’ve finally allowed Ali to retire. She’s the embodiment of her bumper sticker: “What have you done today to make you feel proud?”. Thank you will never be enough for everything you have done. Happy retirement to you and Jurgen!

Anonymous: You know who you are and what you have done for the children. Thank you especially for all the beautiful dolls.

ARCH Actuarial Consulting: Thank you to Riyaad for initiating a huge surprise donation and to Afzal for being such a pleasure to deal with.

Art auction: The brilliant artists, Infood's Jayne and Lucy and staff, Loretha, Marie, Gideon, Gitta, the lucky buyers and festive attendees.  You worked so hard and created an unforgettable event which raised a massive R35,000.00!

Baumgartners: Peter, Susan and family continued to cart suitcases filled with shoes, toys and more from Germany to the project on every visit to their JBay home. We congratulate them on their first little grandson, the adorable baby Yuri.

BC Contortion: Caara, Derrick and their kids are based in Canada and run “Blue Crane Contortion and Aerial Arts”. They’ve supported the project for many years, and in 2023 their fundraiser ensured that the high school girls had new dresses. Derrick was also the top bidder in our Kolohe Andino surfboard auction. Hopefully he will get to put that board to use at Supertubes soon.

Bergakers: Billy and family from Sweden finally visited South Africa again in January and arrived with loads of beautiful clothing that the kids went completely crazy for.

CSALT: The Christian Surfers Leadership Training Academy include us in their program every year, sending volunteers who assist the kids with kindness, patience and compassion. They are invaluable to us, and Megan has done a fantastic job taking over from Henku as coordinator.

The committee, regular volunteers, and casual workers: Our team – what can we say? So many marvelous human beings who do everything they do with passion and enthusiasm. It’s an honour knowing you all. Kerry Smith as the new chairperson has given us a boost with her practical, calm approach and can-do attitude.

Denise and Philip: Clair’s mom from whom she inherited her generosity, energy, and sense of humour. Thank you for jumping right in to do whatever you could think of to help the project and inspiring your church to donate so generously.

Food donors: When we asked for R1,000 to fund hotdogs on a particular Monday for the kids, quite a few people contacted us for the first time to contribute – Afrinoon, Margaret .. it was amazing.

Food Lover’s Market: Eunice, Rozelle, Marius, Neil, Loretta, Mercia .. all always so friendly and accommodating. Thanks to you the children enjoy fresh fruit every Monday. It’s very rare for an apple or orange to make it to the gate – the kids just love to gobble them up immediately and we love knowing how good it is for their health.

Fountains Mall: Nadine and her staff were wonderfully supportive of our shoe collection early in the year and then surprised us by offering to make our 200 top earners beneficiaries of the Tree of Joy. The kids got to choose from a list of gifts and they will receive these on the last trading day – a grand reward for all their hard work.

GoFundMe donors and Lesley: Thanks to Lesley’s web skills, every time we set a GoFundMe target, whether for soccer boots, school dresses, skateboards or tracksuits, so many people contributed and we always raised enough to buy even more than we aimed for.

GoSurf Norway: Line, Christian and family, friends Per and Ellen, and all at GSN, thank you for all you do for the project – always keen to volunteer with your groups of adventurers, and ready to contribute donations, stock, and tasks. It’s incredible to have your patronage.

Gudsheet: Ruan has committed to donating his earth-friendly toilet paper whenever we are running low, and he’s been doing it with a big smile – we are so grateful.

Heidrun: Our dear friend – always so supportive, kind and generous. Your donation has made very sure the kids have a magical Christmas.

HotSpots2C/ 2cChange: This tour company based in Somerset West, really “put their money where their mouth is” – always inspiring their guests by showing the importance of supporting the communities they travel to. Regular messages have come in throughout the year to say another bag of balls, stationery or shoes has arrived courtesy of Juanita and her team.

Infood: Erenskia and all the Infood staff make huge delicious pots or trays of yummy goodness (with loads of well-hidden veggies) every first Monday of the month.

Jeffreys Bay Primary School: Miss Kennedy and the learners for volunteering on Mondays and collecting and donating a truckload of beautiful toys for Christmas, again!

Jimeal: Thank you for bringing those lovely groups of “voluntourists” and showing them the reality of doing your bit wherever you are. All the best with JBay Surf House!

Jurgen and Ralf: What a pleasure it was to have you at the project after your support over many years! All the donations you brought, especially the beaded jewellery are so appreciated. But even more so, your appreciation and genuine interest in the children and their circumstances.

Marina Martinique: Their first Wine on Water event organised by Mauricia and the Home Owners Association team was a massive success and raised a whopping R21,000.00 for the project. We’re all looking forward to the next one!

Mariska and family: Johannes, Tabita and Matteus – you guys rock! Thank you for every moment you have spent helping the children.

Monica Zipper and friends: For funding the shade net to protect us from the elements.

Moore: Johannes and colleagues have offered their services free of charge for over a decade, ensuring the project is NPO compliant.

Nina’s: Heidi, Allistair, the Smithsters, and staff – thank you for always being so unfailingly obliging and generous whenever we ask you to cater for a trading day. The kids love those hotdogs!

PayPal donors: So many individuals donated via our PayPal account after volunteering or hearing about the project – every dollar has been appreciated and carefully applied towards our goals.

Schuellers: Gerfried and Susan have been supporters for a number of years and in 2023 visited the project for the first time. They committed to monthly contributions shortly thereafter. They’ve also brought loads of donations – especially shoes.

Setup team: Jeannette, Ursula, and Isabel – we love working with you.

Shoe City: They took the trouble to contact us and donate a whole trolley load of returned shoes.

Stewardship: Lorel and James have not only continued with the pledged and very generous donations of 500 pounds per quarter but contacted us before each transfer to enquire about any additional needs – of which there are always a number! The onesies in particular were all the rage.

Stretch Foundation: Nikki and her team once again recognised our need and came to the rescue during our drive for onesies in August, our coldest month.

Susanne Leverton: Susanne posted off massive bags crammed full of clothing and toys several times this year – from Australia. Each item was lovingly selected.

Surf Foundation and Sealand: Thank you for raising funds for and awareness of the project during the WSL contest. Thank you to Sealand for the attractive and strong drawstring bags – we see them everywhere!

The Office 4 U: Jason and his professional and talented staff made sure we had sufficient stationery stock for the year and assisted us with all our printing and design needs – often sponsoring posters, price cards etc.

Woodlands: Mandla and the team – the milk the kids receive at each visit lights up their faces like it’s liquid gold. Not to mention the extra treats in those gift bags! Thank you for your continued support with such delicious, nutritious contributions.

Zack: Our hero – one of the most caring friends, biggest lover of nature, and hardest worker we know. We love you Zack!

Lastly, the children: From the Abersalies to the Zwides – your enthusiasm, effort, patience, humour and joy are our
inspiration as we interact with you it gives us so much hope for the future of the world. Enkosi, dankie, thank you.