How and where to volunteer

volunteer pep talk

Everyone can do something.” Mother Teresa

The JBay Recycling project would not be in existence if it was not for the volunteers who give their precious time to keep it running. We always welcome new volunteers with open arms and hearts!

How do you know if you have what it takes to become a volunteer?

These are the areas in which we need helpers on a Monday afternoon for either the whole afternoon (from 11:30 to 17:00) or for an hour or two.

  • setting up the shop from 11:30 – this involves carrying boxes with stock, getting clothes on rails and unpacking toys and shoes etc
  • working the line – the children queue for their turn and need assistance in sorting their recyclables.
  • registration– each child has to be handed her/his card with their particulars
  • weighing of recyclablesdone on our electronic scale
  • recording of the weight they brought in and awarding of mulas – done on our laptop
  • the recyclables are processed in to huge bags – we especially need manpower for this job. Often there are huge bags of plastic or glass that needs to be moved around.
  • hand washing – each child is assisted in washing their hands before they go shopping
  • shop assistants – each child gets his/her own shop assistant to help him with his/her shopping spree
  • handing out of food– each child is given food or fruit as available
  • filing of registration cards – other wise it would be total chaos


  • The only qualification that you need is to have love in your heart and a willingness to help.The Recycling shop is held every Monday afternoon from 12:30 onwards at the CMR Building in Pellsrus.
    IF you need a lift or directions, please contact us for assistance.

    It will be lovely to see you there.

    All of our volunteers agree that in the end they themselves benefit the most from giving their time!

Map of where to find the shop on a Monday afternoon. The directions are from the Billabong Village (2 da Gama Road)

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