A huge thank you goes to Ingrid for organizing hot water at the CMR Community centre in Pellsrus. So far there has been no hot water, and the children had to wash their hands in cold water in buckets.


Each child is assisted in washing her of his hands before going into the “shop” to choose their shopping items. By the time they get to wash their hands, the children have spend at least an hour carrying their recyclables through dust and often muddy areas and a good hand wash is definitely needed. tapsjpg


Last week a local plumber installed a solar geyser and a warm water tap in the kitchen and outside, and set the temperature to warm, not hot, so that the kids could not get burned. They connected the basin drain to the main sewage drain, so finally we do not have to bucket dirty water.


Thank you to Plumber Jaco O’Neill who gave us a really good price for doing the work and the funding we received from Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm that payed for the installation.