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Jbay recycling project volunteer Tanja

Tanja is the glue that binds our project together. Her hands on approach, her experience, understanding, humility and “Can Do” attitude sets the tone for the rest of us to follow.


Tanja is a lifelong local of Jeffreys Bay and her involvement with the projct is a reflection of the pasion and love she feels for her town and it’s people. She embraced the opportunity to take over the coordinator reins in 2014, the most challenging and rewarding thing she has ever done.


Having grown up in beautiful Jeffreys Bay, while her family ran a restaurant successfully thanks to wonderful, loyal staff, she had to give back.


When not surfing, walking their 3 dogs with her amazing husband, practicing yoga, gardening or working at her sales rep jobs, she still has plenty of time to shop for the project. A bargain on socks, crayons, bicycles or balls is the highlight of her week!

Jbay recycling project volunteer Sue

Fair, assertive, disciplined, principled and organized – what more could you ask of a treasurer?


Sue is a fitness fan, and besides her own activities she organizes cycling and running events for fun or fundraising in the area, while operating her book-keeping business, their timber home construction company with her husband and raising two teenagers.


Sue gets things done, but also has the softest heart and can often be found with a sleeping toddler on her lap while operating the scale at the project.

Jbay recycling project volunteer Libby

Libby moved to Jeffreys Bay from the UK in the 90’s and fell in love with it.


Her lanky blonde frame and caring friendship are legendary in town. She is an avid surfer and has been running a surf school – ranked as the top activity on Tripadvisor – for many years.


She adores her son and daughter and her assortment of adopted dogs. She lovingly coordinates the donations of food and fruit for the children on trading days. She never hesitates to volunteer for any job, like sorting the material on site or overseeing the queue. A true asset to our team.

Jbay recycling project volunteer Allison

Alison, our chairperson, is a true environmentalist. Ali lives her bumper sticker “What have you done today to make you feel proud?” every day.


She has been a driving force of a prominent NGO in Jeffreys Bay for 20 years. She adores visiting the most arid areas of South Africa, stopping to admire every single plant on the way.


Her adoring husband Jurgen and son Zack who is one of our most hardworking and most loved volunteers, are her bedrock.

Jbay recycling project volunteer Kelly

Our Belgian secretary Kelly visited Jeffreys Bay with her family for the first time in 2015, and they immediately decided that they needed to be residents.


She works wonders with her mobile massage treatments while her husband runs an online surfboard business and homeschools their 2 young daughters. Since her first visit to the project, Kelly has been hooked.


Her energy and determination mean she is able to take over at every “station”, handling the children kindly, but firmly.

Jbay recycling project volunteer Henry

Henry, our press officer. What can’t he do? or (as Trumie says, “What would we do without Henry?”)


Photographer, musician, surfer, digital artist / web designer and our projects onsite handyman.


Often first to arrive and last to leave, and the only person brave enough to organize the storeroom, we all lean heavily on Henry. He is a favourite with the kids, because of the joy he finds in every moment; and of course his motorbike never fails to inspire awe.