Special friendsThe JBay Recycling project received a very special donation from a very special lady recently. The lady is called Terese Sorlie and she is from a town called Stavanger in Norway, where she works at a local school called Tastavedan.
Terese first visited South Africa in 1996, and not only saw the big need there was in this country, but also how easy it is to help just a bit, and make a huge difference in people’s lives.


On her return to Norway she started raising money by selling muffins at school during break time, selling key-rings from Africa to colleagues and friends. From here it expanded each year, and now the Tastavedan School has a yearly fundraising effort. They do that by selling food, homemade art, auction and putting on a show for their parents -it is called international day. The pupils are between 13 and 15 years old and are very interested in what Terese does.
Terese finds education very important as “increased knowledge provides better conditions for everyone”


In the past couple of years the JBay Recycling Project has been the beneficiary of Terese and the school’s fund raising efforts.


Terese says: “When I found the recycling project I got so happy because it is the best project I have ever seen and it really works well -the children really learn the benefits about taking care of our environment -and how to save up for things they want and need .
I love to see the happiness in the children when they receive what they need.”


Thank you to Terese and the special children of the Tastavedan School in Norway, who have made a difference.