This is a PDF document that can be used when seeing companies/ friends/businesses for donations or assistance.
Bus plan 2014

This document is a step by step guide of the process every Monday, as well as tips and information on starting your own project. tips and information

Tips for sorting and storing recycling at home:

For glass, cans and plastics:

It does not matter if the items are mixed together for collection purposes as they are sorted at a later stage.
Crushing tins helps to save space but please do not break glass bottles.

Items for recycling need to be cleaned before storing.
Labels can be left on.

Please replace jar lids as these can often be reused rather than recycled.
Oily residue inside bottles of cooking oil, etc is not a problem as long as the top is replaced.


WE CAN TAKE: Glass bottles such as wine bottles, jam jars , sauce and spice bottles.

WE CANNOT TAKE: Cups and saucers, oven ware, drinking glasses, ceramic ware, mirror glass, fluorescent tubes, light bulbs, windscreens, car lights, window panes, laboratory glass, wire reinforced glass. (Light bulbs etc can be deposited in bins outside various supermarkets/hardware stores.)


WE CAN TAKE: Beverage cans, such as cool drink and beer cans.
Aerosol cans.
Paint cans.
newspaper or magazines.

WE CAN TAKE: Plastic containers such as cool drink and water bottles, cleaning product bottles, milk bottles, yoghurt pots.

4 thoughts on “Tools

  1. Hi there,
    Well done. I love what you’re doing! Do you perhaps collect from restaurants? We have a load of glass bottles & wine bottles every day.
    Thank you,

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